Become an authority media of the drone industry. ——Jack Wells

Drone Inner aims to become an authority media of drone industry.

Drone Inner provides news, reviews, images and videos of drone products. Currently, Drone Inner  focus on main drone manufacturer such as DJI, Parrot, 3D Robotics and Yuneec.  Drone Inner would pay attention to start-up enterprises of drone later.
Drone Inner consists of a professional team, including editor, specialist, doctor, etc.

Jack Wells, CEO.

Jack is a successful entrepreneurs in drone data field before his company was bought up.

Anderson Byron, Chief Editor.

Anderson was a chief editor of a digital website before he joining Drone Inner.

William Raines, Editor.

William is an experienced editor worked at a famous newspaper.

Tracy Robinson, Editor.

Tracy was an experienced editor for digital magazine.


Eason Morgan, Industry Consultant.

Mr. Morgan is an industry researcher mainly in drone industry.

Dr. Jackson Bell ,  Technology Adviser.

Dr. Jackson Bell is a famous professor in drone field.

Leo Plato, Webmaster.

Leo is a experienced software developer.