Today, we’re going to share a new skill — motion timelapse.

Timelapse” has always been popular with most photographers. For ground photography, it used to take a long time to choose a perfect spot, fix the camera on a tripod and take the timelapse. Thanks to the OSMO+, now it’s getting more and more convenient to shoot motion timelapse.

So it is with aerial photography. At first, photographers have to take motion timelapse through full manual control, constantly cracking the shutter while the drone is hovering. But now DJI’s Phantom 4, Mavic and Inspire Series have greatly increased the users’ accessibility to aerial motion timelapse. Look at the photo below:

It is quite common to take timelapse by staying the aircraft in the air overlooking roads and bridges. In fact, you can also take motion timelapse in the air, such as the dazzling lights and crowded streets.

Or weave through the buildings, trees and cars on a sunny day.

Or record the moving timelapse at sunset.

Here are the steps:

  • Click “Intelligent Flight” in DJI GO APP and choose “Tapfly”
  • The flying speed bar will pop out on the right, let’s choose the slowest speed of 1m/s. Tap the target direction and choose 5s in Timelapse.
  • After you finish the composition, click the Go icon and the aircraft will straight fly in the target direction.
  • Upload the photos into the AE to create your moving timelapses


  • Check the Attitude ball in DJI GO APP to decide whether the wind condition is suitable for aerial photography;
  • Under the JPEG mode, you can choose 5s and 10s; while under the JPG+RAW mode, you can only choose 10s timelapses.
  • Remember that the drone’s battery can only allow you to fly for 20 minutes or so.