Drone Lover

Born in 1985, Wang Yuyao is a police officer in Tangshan Police Station. He has been a loyal fan of model plane since Junior High.

Zhu Yue, senior officer of Tangshan Police Station, said Wang Yuyao has used his drone to assist daily works of the police station, including investigation, security control, supervision and emergent response.

Wang was the only normal police officer invited to the National Police UAV Forum of 2015, while other 300 delegates are scientists, experts and technicians from institutes and enterprises.

On month later in October, 2015, Wang and two of his colleagues went to the First Contest of Police UAV Application on behalf of Jiangning Police Bureau. They won the second prize in landing/taking off.

He was invited again to the National Police UAV Forum of 2016, and gave a speech on the practice of UAV in small police stations.

There are now three drones in Tangshan Police Station, according to Wang. One was his DIY, the other two drones were bought by the police station. With different sizes, three drones are used for different tasks.

Finding Missing Boy

Mr. Liu called Tangshan Police station at 10 a.m., Dec 27th, 2015, saying his 9-year-old son went missing. The station sent out over 20 police officer to search the missing kid immediately.

A neighbor reported that he saw Mr. Liu’s son walked into a Mountain nearby with a male adult. Tuan Mountain, which was not tall, was covered dense trees.

The police station sent out a drone to search, and soon found a man. After investigation, the man, Wang, said he saw the young boy walked towards Qinglinyan Village. Then Police and Mr. Liu found out the ‘missing’ boy was at his friend’s home.

Useful for Various Tasks

Fire control became critical during Tomb-sweeping Festival for Tangshan Police Station. Wang said: “Drones are much more efficient in patrolling around mountains. It used to cost 60 policeman a whole day to patrol the mountains, but now the drone can finish the task in one hour.”

It is also applied to monitor flood and provide warning during flood season. Via the real-time video transmission, the police station could respond in targeted ways. The data sent back by drones would be shared to other relevant government departments for further rescue/response plans.

Drones are also used to prevent illegal logging in remote mountainous areas. Previously, it was very difficult for officers to get close to the logging scenes and capture evident pictures. With drones, it has become much easier to locate criminals take pictures as evidence, which would help Police’s arresting action.

Wang also suggested that drones could help to drop buoy to drowning person with precision, especially when the person is far away from banks.