Aerial Photography isn’t good at storytelling, but that’s photography is all about, not expensive devices nor profound theories. Though Aerial photography is a good way to capture a magnificent landscape, it’s born with the weakness in expressing emotions and telling stories.

But double exposure can solve this problem by combining people with views, helping you to tell a better story from a new perspective, with an app.

The advantages of double exposure is to combine two photos according to some characteristics they share, telling a brand new story.

Below are some of the most excellent works of double exposure:
drone photo
A man’s figure + the city (highlighted with a flock of birds)
As if the man is lost in a metropolis.
drone photo
Woman’s profile + architecture (looks like a castle)
Looks like the woman is immersed in sad memories.
drone photo
Fox + Forest
The call of the wild!
One thing needs to pay attention to when doing double exposure: two photos have to express the same emotion.
(available for both Android and iOS systems)

Pixlr is produced by Autodesk, a familiar name to readers majored in modeling and graphic. It is the world’s second largest engineering software company specialized in 2D and 3D designing. So the app Pixlr from such a company is definitely going to be professional and easy to use.
drone photo
A man’s romantic memory in foreign country.

Want to try?

Follow the steps.

1. Shooting
drone photo

Good photo sets the stone for successful double exposure.

Because I chose the Overlay mode for double exposure, which means the black part of the figure will be transparent and the white part will cover the background photo.

So if you want a clear shape of the figure after double exposure, you need to ensure the color of the figure is dark and the background is lighter or white. When it comes to the aerial photo serving as a background, it’s better to have a theme and a nice color tone.

When finish shooting,  you can start to upload the photos to Pixlr for double exposure.

2. Adding Photos
drone photo

Add the portrait photo, tap Adjustment, level up the Contrast and lower Saturation to zero.

Tap Crop to adjust the size of the portrait.

Tap Double Exposure and add the aerial photo.
drone photo

Slide to adjust the position of the aerial photo and choose a double exposure mode you like to mix these two photos. You can also decide the intensity of mixing by sliding the bar below to left or right.

Tap √ and you can choose to save the photo or share it immediately.

Easy as breeze, isn’t it?

Moreover, there are a bunch of tools available in this app to polish your work.

3. Other tools
drone photo
If the background of the portrait is kind of messing, you can use Doodle under the Brushes category to clean it up.
drone photo
Or use a bit more Overlay or Stylize to make your photo more special.

You can even add some text on it, like what I did below:
drone photo

Practicing more to get familiar with different styles.

For example: biking+ mountains
(images from the internet)
drone photo

Or city-like
(images from the internet)
drone photo