Below are the two drone company ranking at different periods.The top 2 placings remained unaltered compared to the old version chart.DJI (▷1). The Chinese platform manufacturer remains expanding both company portfolio and market presence. Toy manufacturer Parrot (▷2) defends rank two.As for the third?Just take a guess firstly.

As the 3DR took off the drone market, the newcomer Xiaomi leaps to third in the table.

Xiaomi the Chinese mobile Internet Company included UAV’s in their mobile phone and consumer electronics biased portfolio with a sensational bang. The Xiaomi Mi drone was introduced in late May, offering solid flight performance and a 4K camera while dashing the price tags of competitors in half. The product launch in the low cost consumer drone market started a while ago with high investments e.g. into the Chinese camera maker Yi Technology.

Though the Zero Zero Robotics is a newcomer to the drone market,it ranks the fourth with the “flying selfie stick” Hover Camera.(You know it?)

The updated version of the drone company ranking chart below(Sep.2016)
TOP20-Drone Company Ranking
The old version of the drone company ranking chart below(Feb.2016)
Drone Company Ranking
(Images source from droneii)

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