hot dog

If you were parting with $9000 at your local Bunnings Warehouse, you’d hope to get a bit more than a sausage and bread.

But that’s the reality one peckish man is facing, after he used his drone to pick up a snag before flying it back to his yard.

The peckish drone flyer is now facing a $9000 fine for breaching multiple civil aviation regulations, including flying within 30 metres of people, use out of the line of sight and use over a populous area.

The drone could be seen picking up a snag from Bunnings Warehouse before returning to a man’s backyard as he waits in his hot tub

“You can clearly see people walking to and from their cars, you can clearly see people around the sausage sizzle,” Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesperson Peter Gibson told Fairfax.

The video has since been reposted on Facebook, showing a man receive the sausage in a hot tub in the backyard of a house in Sunbury, Victoria.

The video shows the drone flying over a housing estate and crossing a congested road before landing in the Bunnings carpark.

An alleged accomplice reads the order and places the much-awaited sausage and bread in a bag attached to the drone.

The drone then returns to a house where a man is sitting in his backyard hot tub.

“This is a classic example of a place where you should never fly a drone,” Mr Gibson said.

“We want to see people have fun with their drones but if you don’t respect the rules then you putting people at risk and there are penalties for doing that.”