2016 TechCrunch Beijing Summit was held in Beijing on November 7, the domestic cutting-edge smart hardware developers to bring its fin technology Fist products, the world’s first consumer market into the ROV intelligent underwater drone ‘FiFish flying fish – Atlantis Which has opened up new possibilities to explore the oceans and has been featured in several major events of the year. Continued media exposure has enabled FinSource and FiFish Fish to win A great concern, access to all the praise.

The industry’s first start, leading the ROV underwater UAV consumer market new trend

Nowadays, the drone have been numerous to heaven, but the sea is very few drone. ‘71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by the ocean, the current human exploration of the ocean area of less than 5% People have been to the moon, more than 500 people went to space, but only three people visited the deepest ocean, is the lowest point of the Earth’s Mariana Trench, compared to land, the underwater world is mysterious, it is time to re- Found the ocean. ‘Zhang Chong, founder of the fin source said.

‘FiFish Flying Fish’, as the first attempt to bring military and industrial underwater robots into the consumer market, has inspired more people to become interested in the mysterious underwater world, bringing new drone market demands. Who are on the market pre-judgment and technical reserves, leading the market now other similar concept products at least one year, not only accumulated a deep understanding of the industry and technical barriers, but also played a pioneering role in the market, leading the market.

Finsource Technology focuses on R & D and breakthrough of key technologies for underwater robots. It has independent core technologies and algorithms, including the design of front-end key components and components, robot-related systems, image / data acquisition, cloud processing and terminal applications. The FiFish Flying Fish is equipped with a variety of core components: underwater propulsion systems, underwater camera and lighting systems, control systems, underwater remote control electronic communication devices and waterborne real-time display systems. Under the high-definition images, equipped with VR, you can experience the new underwater weightlessness immersion.

Won the United States CES2017 Innovation Award, industry bigwigs competing ‘point praise’

‘FiFish Flying Fish’ as the industry’s first consumer underwater robot, to meet the more ordinary people to explore the underwater world of desire for photography enthusiasts, diving enthusiasts, water sports shooting, underwater explorers opened a fan New doors.

Following the debut of Fiest Fish at the CES booth, CES 2017 InnovationAwards was awarded the prestigious CES 2017 InnovationAwards this year. CES 2017 InnovationAwards has been recognized by the professional community as an international authority. Also known as the ‘electronic Olympic’, the award by the independent industrial designers, engineers and the media co-composed of the CES International Organizing Committee.

‘FiFish Flying Fish’ in the key technology and appearance of fluid dynamics design innovation and leadership, interactive experience design, robot gesture control and 1 inch large target optical lens to bring excellent 4k real-time video effect, became the ‘FiFish flight Fish ‘award-winning key elements.

Open a personal exploration of the new era of the top ten million investors by angel investment

At the TechCrunch2016 Beijing China Summit, ‘FiFish Flying Fish’ will also continue to attract strong industry and partner attention.Fins source technology founder / CEO Zhang Chong said: ‘FiFish flying fish for the personal understanding of the ocean to explore the ocean provides A new way, in essence, reduce the threshold of exploration and understanding of the ocean, innovative technology for the development and application of the industry has brought about a radical change, we are now more consumer-oriented and mature technology integration To the application of the ocean, but also in a number of key technical and leading institutions at home and abroad to establish cooperation, we are confident that in the near future will bring a broader application to promote and deeper meaning of the subversion.

The report shows that by 2020 China’s unmanned submersible market will reach 80 billion yuan level, the military unmanned submersible market will reach 30 billion yuan scale.Only in civilian unmanned submersible devices, the market for enterprises There will be 43 billion yuan, of which 6 billion yuan for search and rescue category, safety monitoring category amounted to 13.7 billion yuan, up to 370 million yuan of research and research category.For individual ‘diving partner’ unmanned submersible, there are 60 billion market space.

In the face of the vast market space, the fin source technology will be committed to using innovative technology to open up a new era of personal exploration of the ocean, with virtual reality, live and community platform technology, so that ordinary people a better understanding of the ocean, Color Planet ‘The Last Frontier’ of the ocean explores and protects the ocean, making it beautiful, broad and inclusive, shocking and infecting all embracing explorers dreaming.

Based on this dream and insisted, fin source technology earlier this year that is too Firebird’s Blue Emerald Bird Fund, millet co-founder Li Wanqiang, innovation workshop Kai-fu Lee, AC angel fund and rainbow fish angel investment of 10 million yuan!

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