GoPro Karma drone has had a bit of a troubled recent history since it was first introduced last year. After being delayed throughout most of 2016, it finally went on sale in October, only to be recalled in November due to what the camera company later said was a faulty battery latch, which could cause the batteries to lose power mid-flight.

Three months off the market, the GoPro Karma went up for sale again at the beginning of February. However, it reportedly crashed into a New York City apartment window according to the New York Post at the end of February.

GoPro Karma drone smashed though the window of a 66-year-old lady living on the 27th floor of 20 Waterside Plaza in Manhattan, New York. The woman was working on a computer when the drone smashed right though her window and fell within 4 feet of her. Currently, the Police and Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the accident. They are planning to use the drone’s serial number to locate the drone owner in the FAA’s database.

Scan some comments to discover reviews like “This sounds hoax. 27th floor windows won’t break that easily, and no point in throwing shit on a brand for “being unreliable”… all drones are unreliable to a degree.”

However, the news is absolutely real. New York Post has reported this issue. The building is about 30 years old with smaller windows, not floor to ceiling commercial windows. Some pilots added, “If I was choosing a drone to fly around Manhattan illegally or not, I wouldn’t choose one prone to drift without avoidance technologies available at the same price. The GoPro Karma is a clumsy drone, whether a gust of wind took it or not, it had too many things going against it in the first place, before it took off. Now we all suffer as a result of poor drawing board choices.”

All drones are unreliable? I think it depends on two factors. One is what kind of drones do you choose. As the GoPro Karma lacks features such as obstacle avoidance and “Follow Me” mode, so you should find a deserted wide open field with no obstacles. If you want to fly around Manhattan, then some drones like the Phantom 4/4 Pro and Mavic Pro which have obstacle avoidance may be a better choice. The other thing is that the drone operators make safe flying their priority. Although drone manufacturers are doing everything technically possible to ensure flight safety, drone enthusiasts must also do their part.