Bought GoPro Karma Grip at end of Nov. Works great with the hero 5 black, great case it comes in. The grip is easy setting up and using, make sure you do update on GoPro site for camera and grip, it recognizes right away when plugging in USB to computer, it directs you every step of way. It is pretty durable and I read complaints on it being noisy, but I don’t have that problem. The device does lack a few more features as the DJI Osmo‘s, but it fits my needs perfectly. I do have a problem with how long it takes to charge, ( hours ), but once it’s charged with the GoPro camera connected, it seems to last a good while. After charging, I had it in case with camera connected about 5 days without use, and the bar lights on the grip were still full. Then I used it to film about a hour straight without pausing, and the light on bar went down only one notch, and the GoPro camera went down from 96percent to 95percent, so it seems to hold charge pretty well ( I also use the GoPro supercharger to charge ).

The stabilization is pretty good, after testing quick movements and light jogging around yard, this produces stabilized video shots, you wouldn’t think so while filming, seems like the footages are jerky, but it’s not.

Now when using this and looking at your filming while recording, the bracket bar does hinder some of your viewing, but it’s not too terrible. I did think though when using the camera off of Karma Grip, it does have good stabilization when you go into menu and set this up, but when you connect the camera on to grip, that stabilization cut’s off and you now use the grip internal stabilizer, would be nice if it could hold camera and grip stabilization, you would even double the stabilization. So when the Karma Grip shuts your camera stabilizer off, you have to remember to set it back in menu when not using the grip. I have not used this in heavy sports action like biking, etc… but it suits my needs when I want to pull out quickly to do some videoing in close quaters and semi fast movements. I can also use my voice commands when using this grip. I would highly recommend this.

Scan GoPro forums and Amazon to discover a long topic of “Karma Grips button’s don’t work”.

“I fully charged the Karma Grip, hooked up my Hero 5 Black and tried to turn it on. The grip showed 4 lights, the stabilizer kicked in but the camera did not turn on. I manually turned on the camera and tried to use the shutter button on the Grip. It did not work.”

“Don’t buy this. I was so looking forward to this stabilizer, as I think the GoPro 5 (which I love) makes the best camera for a stabilizer. But this Karma Grip is so buggy. I turned it on and off 20 times (I counted) and only once, did it turn the camera on, and never could I get the “record” button to work on the grip. I’m all for trying to make things work, but this buggy out of the box is a huge red flag. ”

Many owners have the same issue and returned it for repair.

“I returned my Karma Grip for a replacement, I hope the replacement works, I find the build quality of the grip to be good, it was good to see the grip charging the GoPro but all functions around recording and power on/off where unresponsive.”

I think it’s the firmware problem, maybe firmware update makes it works with the Karma Grip.