On November 8th, 2016, GoPro issued a global recall for the Karma drone following cases of electrical failures causing a loss of power during flight. GoPro advises that owners can return their units to GoPro, or their place of purchase for a full refund.Will GoPro resume selling Karma?

The answer is yes, GoPro says it will be re-launching the Karma drone this year, though it doesn’t have a specific date to share yet.

For GoPro, the launch can’t come soon enough. The company said it would cut 15 percent of its workforce in a restructuring in November last year, and its third-quarter earnings report was nothing short of very bad. In the past year, the stock has been absolutely crushed, as major questions have arisen as to whether people basically need to buy new GoPro cameras.

The company said at CES that it is completing its testing and will have more details on the re-launch in early February. The whole “this year” is super vague, but it’s kind of to be expected for a company that’s going through a lot of turmoil as it tries to figure out what it looks like in 2017.

Anyway it’s good to see that GoPro is confident enough in the Karma to start providing a timetable, the news won’t be very comforting to prospective (and former) owners. It will have been roughly 3 months since the recall before GoPro even starts talking about the relaunch. Will buyers be enthusiastic after all that time, especially with both the recall and the competition lingering in the back of their minds? GoPro’s name is still synonymous with action video, but there’s a concern that it may have seriously hurt its chances at becoming an equally big name in the drone world.