GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic are considered two entirely different drones, however, it is inevitable for users and enthusiasts to have it compared neck-and-neck. These are two of the more popular brands from the competitors with almost the same features and specifications so it is understandable why comparisons are necessary. Almost is an understatement as one may have more than the other.

The site MyFirstDrone provides some thoughts on this battle.DJI Mavic is going to be the better choice because of how small it is and the additional automated features that it has. While the GoPro owners out there are going to love it. In a way, it’s almost like the 3DR Solo drone, but made by GoPro. He thought what it comes down to is price. People who have GoPros and don’t want to spend as much money will probably get the Karma, and people who want the smallest drone with the most features are going to get the DJI Mavic.

Unfortunately, there’s no follow features on the Karma. You get a 2 point cable cam mode, dronie mode, reveal mode, and orbit mode. These are the same features that other drone manufacturers have had for the past year. Upon its initial launch, the Karma was criticized for a lack of functionality, even the basic ‘Follow Me’ was missing.

The site Gizmodo thought it depends who is flying and under what conditions. On basic specs, the DJI Mavic Pro seems to have bested the GoPro Karma in several categories. Some aspects such as top speed, battery life, portability, remote controller, features modes, it looks like DJI Mavic wins.

When it comes to versatility of video recording, the GoPro Karma easily beats DJI. It was built to combat these type of situations. It can be outfitted with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black, the Hero 5 Session, Hero 4, and Hero 3 cameras and its removable stabilizer that can be used as a handheld gimbal for shooting nice clean shots on or off the drone.

As added by FASTCOMPANY, GoPro may have missed its chance to claim a substantial share of the market, let alone be a serious challenger to China’s DJI, the undisputed industry leader. That’s particularly true since the initial release of the Karma was delayed for about a year, and because the recall came not long after DJI launched its Mavic Pro, which was seen as a direct Karma competitor offering more features like obstacle avoidance and follow-me features that the Karma can’t match.

In conclusion, DJI Mavic Pro is better than GoPro Karma, at least on paper. We’re hoping to get our hands on both drones when GoPro Karma is on sale this year so we can really test the claims both companies are making.