Drones can be used in many fields. Carlo Ratti Associati is planning to paint empty urban surfaces across the world by drones. That is, drones can also be used to draw graffiti. The studio has developed a system called ‘paint by drone’ that can draw on building surfaces, turning any blank surface into an artistic space for urban data visualization.
drone for Graffiti

The drones equipped with sensors are programmed to draw content submitted digitally via an app, while a central management system regulates their operations in real time. In this way, the drones can create artistic works on the empty walls for us.
Paint by drone for building sites

The studio plans to paint the graffiti first in Berlin and Turin in fall 2017. The collaborative graffiti projects will allow either an artist to do an initial drawing on the canvas to be colored in by users where each person can pick a favorite spot for the drone to paint.

And you can also use the mobile app to draw your own designs. It can be seen that graffiti is now catching up with the scientific development trend.
Drones Used for Graffiti

A protective net will be placed on the scaffolding’s cover so that people can use the drones to paint freely and safely.
Drones Used for Graffiti

There are still more possibilities to be unlocked for drones.