The commercial drone market is literally soaring right now so any new addition will attract some attention. So to the latest craze in the drone market: Zero Zero Robotics’s Hover Camera.

At a price point on the low side in this group of $599, is it a good choice for new flyers? Let’s take a look.

# “Hover Camera might be a nice product but their service sucks. Be warned, if you email them it will take them a week to respond to you. I purchased in October and in December still have not seen my order moved from “payed” in “my orders” on their website. Despite the fact they had a sale in the last two weeks before Xmas for people to buy it and have it shipped before Dec 25th (if you lived in USA or China). Meaning they decided to give priority with their stock to people who send them their money 2 weeks ago vs people who purchased almost 3 months ago, even if not in US or China it makes no sense since they know international shipments take longer. After a week of waiting for an answer to my email about it they told me mine would ship in last week of December, and guess what….not! Very bad customer service.”

# “Almost mid-January and still nothing…I have canceled my order because they keep lying to me and pretending it’s being shipped “this week” for the past 3 weeks but it actually isn’t. I have been following a few posts on their facebook page where people complain about the Hover Camera customer service and delays in delivery and it made me decide to cancel. It also seems their QA is very bad with many persons having to return the product as soon as they got it because it would only work for a few seconds then die…imagine the wait time on that. Having to return it and then wait for them to decide to repair, then ship back…maybe get it in 2018 when there would be plenty of better products out there.”

# “I have wasted my money for Hover Camera! Arrived after waited 3 long months to be delivered. When I received it, It was faulted Hover device did not work. (after battery gets charged fully, nothing wrong with batteries). When I made a claim to them, they asked me to make video to proof that is faulty. Now they recommend me to ship it back to them for customer service I have to pay for shipping to China and it’s not going to be new product.

My advice is for you all don’t buy it!”

# “I wouldn’t buy Hover Camera if I were you. I received one with a defective battery. I contacted them right after opening and they never responded to me to fix the issue they caused. I had to pay for a broken product. Waste of money.”

Scan forums or some social medias like Facebook, you could find many responses toward Hover Camera customer service like these above.