We have seen tons of reunion pictures like these, how about something innovative videos this time?
Innovative party
innovative party

Freeze the time:
Freeze the time

 ‘Share your food’
Share your food

Pierce through door/fence
Pierce through door

Maybe you have seen similar videos before, but they were too complicated to get and required lots of equipment. We are going to show you how to get these just with your smartphone.


‘Freeze time’ actually started with Bled matin’s Mannequin Challenge:
Freeze time

【Chinese actress Ma Sichun’s Mannequin Challenge】 :
Freeze time

This is how it works: everyone freezes and keep still simultaneously, then the camera guy/gal threads through people and get a long-shot.
Freeze time

Difficulty: ★★★☆

Key Points:

  1. It is more interesting to include a lot of people, but that gets more difficult, too.
  2. The camera guy needs to decide how he/she is going to move the smartphone. Get a few ups and downs to make the video fun to watch.
  3. Get one to give commands. When he/she says ‘freeze’, everyone stops moving and the camera man starts to shoot.
  4. Shoot in spatial places.
    Recommended editing app:

imoive app

 iMoviefreeis really good for this. Import your footage into iMovie, you can accelerate a few parts to get the feeling of motion.

One GIF we posted earlier has caught much attention.↓↓↓

Many readers asked how we did it. We actually reversed the video.

Key Points:

    1. Design your actions, imagine what you get after reversing.


Reversed video is:Get off the car→ wear jacket→ wear sunglasses→ walk forward. So when you are shooting, just reverse all actions: Walk backwards→ removing sunglasses→ Take off jacket and toss away → get into the car.

Recommended app:

 ReverseVidfreesupports to shoot in app or import footages for editing.

Be innovative on this one! See this:
innovative photo

Or stir out really cool latte art:
innovative photo

“Pierce through fences is actually stop-motion animation. Shoot many pictures and turn them into a video.

This one can be very very interesting:
innovative photo

Three guys floating in the video, is actually made of quite some jump-up images. Adjust angles of jump and connect them all—it seems three guys are rotating on brooms.
innovative photo

This video is similar:
innovative photo

This is actually how we shoot piercing through fences.

Key Points:

      1. Two actions should be consistent: where the characters are, their action ranges, directions etc.
      2. Shoot steadily.

Recommended app:
imotion app
imotion app

Make your videos creative in next party, hope you can have a lot of fun!
innovative party