Now that the two “sensations of the moment”, the GoPro Karma and the DJI Mavic Pro, have been presented to the public and the minds are gradually calming down, I would like to take the time to compare their main technical characteristics.

Many users tend to rely mainly on purely technical characteristics to compare “high-tech” products, which does not always give a faithful image to the reality of things (fan boys Of Apple will surely recognize here …).

It is true that the Mavic Pro really looks great on paper but the two drones have not been really tested, it is important not to bury the Karma drone which still has some assets on paper .

Most of the videos available online today are commercial videos and do not reflect the reality of things in my opinion.

This article is a means of comparing the technical characteristics of these two products by putting them face to face. Although not exactly the same position and the same targets, these two companies are currently boosting the industry and pushing it forward by the competition generated by these devices.

Ok these two quadcopters share some similarities, they are both foldable and compact but also possess characteristics of their own.

Gopro clearly has a positioning targeting fans of extreme sports or outdoor activities in general and offers here a versatile and ultra portable drone.

Let’s start by comparing their main differences:


Mavic DJI

Gopro Karma


27 mins

20 mins





L: 198 / W: 83 / H: 81

L: 365 / W: 224 / H: 90

Max Transmission Distance

7 kms

1 km

Built-in Camera


No Gopro

Return screen Yes

Not on the input pack


FOV 78.8° 28 mm f/2.2

FOV 94° 17.2mm f/2.81


4K / 2.7k 30p + C4K 24p

4K 30p / 2.7k 60p1

Subject Tracking



Avoiding Obstacles



Vision positioning system



Transport bag



Battery prices



What is the best?

On paper, the Mavic Pro beats Karma in the following areas:

  • Autonomy in flight (27mins against only 20mins for Karma). Claimed by the manufacturers.
  • Special Flight Modes, Follow me, Active track, Tap to Fly …
  • 4 Sensors to avoid obstacles.
  • Range of 7km.
  • Top speed of about 65 km / h in sport mode.

On paper, GoPro Karma beats Mavic in the following areas:

  • Versatility thanks to the integration of the GoPro which can be detached to be used in different ways.
  • No need to buy a product in addition to have the video return (if you own the remote control)
  • Possibility to use the old versions of the GoPro (Hero 4)
  • The Gimbal is detachable to take videos in manual
  •  Appearance of a flat mode on the Hero 5 to correct the effect fish eye that some do not appreciate!


For many users of quadcopter, GoPro Karma will offer a better added value in its versatile side. Perfect for a sportier mode of use and for “moving” videographers.

Mavic Pro will offer more interest for budding dronists and / or DJI enthusiasts looking for more versatility and portability without sacrificing quality or functionality.

It’s up to you to see what your preferences are!