Phantom 3 SE vs Xiaomi Mi drone 4K:entry-level drone at war

Phantom 3 SE
DJI has just released a somewhat brand new drone called the Phantom 3 SE, while the Xiaomi Mi drone 4K will go on sale at March 3. Many people maybe not sure which one to go with, we’ve decided to do a comparison of features and specs.
Xiaomi Mi drone 4K


The Phantom 3 SE has a claimed top speed of 57 km/h, while the Xiaomi Mi drone 4K can fly up to 57.6km/h.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi drone 4K


The DJI Phantom 3 SE can fly for 25 minutes, and the Xiaomi Mi drone 4K can fly for up to 26 minutes.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi drone 4K


Both of them have claimed a max distance of 4km.

Winner: Tie


Both the DJI Phantom 3 SE camera and the Xiaomi Mi drone 4K are capable of 4K video. The former is capable of shooting both JPEG and DNG photos, while the latter could shoot JPEG and RAW photos.

We won’t know how the image quality of the cameras compare until they’re pitted against one another.

Winner: Uncertain (for now)


Both drones feature a gimbal for 3-axis stabilization.

Winner: Tie


The Phantom 3 SE will return to you at the press of a button.Built-in GPS records your Phantom’s takeoff point and remember it as you fly. Then at your command, or if the control signal is ever lost, your Phantom comes back to you instantly.

There are also the drone-standard features you would expect, including takeoff, landing, return to home and point of interest functionality.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K has an auto-pilot feature included along with the easy to use flight controls. It has automatic takeoff and is also capable of landing and returning to you with just a simple command from the handheld controls.

Winner: Uncertain (for now)


The Phantom 3 SE costs $430 while The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K costs $460.

Winner: Phantom 3 SE


Both of them are entry-level drone with an afforable price. DJI is the old brand and professional, but Xiaomi drone is one of the new players in the drone industry. So consider well before buying.







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