I raised a question on Quora that should I buy the DJI Phantom 3 or the Xiaomi Mi Drone? Here are some answers for you if you also don’t know which one to choose.

#”The Xiaomi, as a brand new product, is definitely a risky choice. With the price point where it’s at, and the incredible specs, I can see why you would be interested in buying it. However, the DJI Phantom 3 series offers comparable specs at basically the same price point. DJI is the biggest player in the game, and they have excellent service and reliability.

I have dealt with these Xiaomi lowball products before, with the Yi Action Camera, and was pretty disappointed with the quality of product I received. I got it at the same price as the Gopro Hero, but it had higher specs. Despite this, The footage was basically the same. I would have much rather had the reliability and versatility of the GoPro if the video quality was the same.

I would suggest that you read as many reviews as possible. I’ve had my Phantom 3 Standard for two month now and I am very happy with my purchase.

One thing to keep in mind, that I noticed when looking at the specs, is that the descent speed for Xiaomi Mi drone is a painstakingly slow 1.5 m/s. I already thought mine was slow, at 3 m/s. I think the 2 extra minutes of battery life would be spent on landing, because it will take twice as long, which is a big deal if you flew high.”

#“If you are a beginner for drone or have the higher requirements on drones, of course DJI drones are the best options for you. You can choose from the beginner drones like DJI Phantom 3 standard(Buy Phantom 3 Standard | DJI Store) to the high end drones Inspire pro(Buy Inspire 1 Pro | DJI Store).

Xiaomi Mi drone is a new drone product, it may satify your basic aeriel photos, but there are some uncertain factors like the photos’ quality.

So I would like to suggest you buy DJI phantom series and or you can wait for the matured Xiaomi Mi drone.”

#“The DJI Phantom 3 Standard is a more tried and tested model and has better support in terms of spare parts and troubleshooting. The Xiaomi Mi drone however has better specs in many areas such as a longer flight time (27 vs 25 minutes), better range (2000m vs 1000m), has a larger field of view and also is much more portable which makes traveling with it much easier.

I would recommend the Xiaomi Mi drone for the price, however the price is higher now than it was initially advertised to be selling at, so it is not quite the bargain it was initially advertised to be.”