Scan drone forums to find many people like GoPro Karma for its full package, versatility and portability.

“I really like DJI but the GoPro Karma does offer a full package for mostly all elements. I will guess the Mavic Pro is a better quad hands down. But if the Karma is a solid quad in the air, the package offers a lot of versatility other than being just a portable quad. Removable gimbal to use with Karma Grip is a killer feature with a Hero 5. Would like that for my kids events, biking, vacations, etc.”

These people can also live without follow me and collision avoidance features.

“The DJI Mavic definitely has more features that appeal than the GoPro Karma BUT, and it is a big but, the GoPro Karma is first generation and it has features, such as removable camera, that will allow me to transfer my existing camera to future generation Karma’s and thus make my investment carry over to the next generation that you can most certainly expect to include features found in the Mavic. Can I live without tracking and collision avoidance and, to a degree, the range difference for now? That’s a tough one but just on the fact that in the next generation my cost will be lower because my cameras transfer (and can be used in other ways, not just flight) I would lean GoPro. With the camera being removable, I can use it in a variety of ways, how about putting that arm into a cradle on a track robot and inspect a pipe, follow a cave explorer, crawling under a house to inspect…without having to have another employee licensed by the FAA.

Technology advantages shift back and forth, I have a great deal of canon video equipment and even though the next guy comes out with more features…this year, I’m not ditching my investment in cameras and lenses to switch. GoPro looks like it is serious about making just that kind of haven for investment in equipment and opportunity to grow by creating a full product “ecosystem” that allows me to work in more than one way or arena. So, my experience is don’t get blinded by the new “features” that will stand at the front for just a short time, look at the long term effect of your investment.”

“The GoPro Karma is the first drone that made me consider getting one. I can take it for shorter biking trips in the mountains. Though Karma lacks some features like “follow me”, less features mean easier to use and less intimidating for beginners. No need to attach a phone or tablet and the detachable gimbal is also welcome. Just see the Karma what it is don’t compare it to the fully featured drones. It’s kind of point and shoot vs DSLR and many times you don’t want to drag your DSLR with you the point and shoot is more convinient. It’s extremely portable and comes with everything you need and you can save $100 if you buy the Hero5 in a package with it. ”

I think the GoPro Karma’s advantage is that you basically can remove the GoPro and use it as a waterproof action cam. But if that doesn’t matter to you because all your land videography will be done with a “real” camera, then the Karma instantly loses 90% of its appeal over Mavic Pro.

The GoPro Karma sells for a flat price of $800 while the Mavic Pro costs $999. The total cost depends on what camera you strap to it. It costs $1000 with a GoPro Hero 5 Session, and $1100 with a GoPro Hero 5 Black.