We need to connect the phone with Xiaomi mi drone well before flying, turn remote control on, and then turn power button on, after the remote control power button turns red to white, it shows the remote control has connected successfully with your drone. Then you can open Xiaomi mi drone App on your phone to let the drone connect with your phone APP.

The Drone flying at different locations needs to calibrate the compass first before.According to the prompt of the APP, after calibration, switch Mi drone host, can let Xiaomi drone keep the normal state. In addition to calibrate the compass, if the remote control operation is unusual, you can also use the APP to correct the remote control.

Xiaomi Mi drone is built in more perfect no-fly zone information, you need to try outside the zone to experience the fun of aerial and remote control flying. At the same time we will strictly comply with the relevant safety standards.

When you start the Xiaomi mi drone, its camera can’t touch anything,  otherwise it may cause the failure self-inspection of camera and gimbal.

Sohu technology based on the actual encounter situation, when you start the millet drone, drone cameras can’t touch anything, otherwise it may cause the failure of camera haeundae self-inspection. In this case, if for aerial will be failure.

After Xiaomi Mi drone completed self-checking and search positioning, if it meets the requirements for take-off, users can press the button on the remote control and control the state by left and right roller. When landing, it also needs to press the button for safety landing. On the left side of the button of the app can also be in transmission photos mode switch.

If the UAV fly under the lower power, it will return automatically. And it will have warning notification for low power and app notification in the phone. Xiaomi mi drone increase the notification function of low power on its remote control, too for better safe flying.