The Yuneec DJI comparison is a popular topic among drone enthusiasts given the fact that DJI and Yuneec are probably two of the most important players in the consumer drones market so the battle between them is quite fierce.

Yuneec has been putting a lot of effort to challenge DJI, which currently enjoys the biggest market share in the consumer drone market. Yuneec DJI comparison reports or reviews often put a model from each UAV drone manufacturer side-by-side and compare their specs and performances. The most common Yuneec DJI comparison standard is the Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4 benchmarking.

DroneCompares has done a lot of Yuneec DJI comparison work and almost all the commentators agree that the Phantom 4 has a much better camera than the Typhoon H. While the Yuneec drone has similar specs – both cameras being QHD and high megapixels – the Phantom delivers final outputs that are clearer, sharper and crisper. If you ask a neutral analyst about which camera is the winner in Yuneec DJI comparison, expect to hear that Phantom 4 offers better video quality. The captured aerial videos are crispier with better dynamic range and more ‘natural’ colour contrasts.

And it’s not just the quality of images and video footage that determine the Yuneec DJI comparison. DJI Phantom 4 reviews endorse its proprietary Lightbridge 2 technology and the best available video downlink solution. A Yuneec DJI comparison based on live video streaming is therefore obviously in favour of DJI.

One of the biggest advantages of the Phantom over the Yuneec Typhoon H is the DJI drone’s much greater flight range, first person view and altitude range. Certainly, Phantom 4 wins in terms of control range over Typhoon H in a Yuneec DJI comparison, allowing the Phantom about five times higher distance flights.

In terms of ease of operating the drones, a Yuneec DJI comparison seems evenly poised towards DJI. Both UAVs come in as ready to fly, which mostly means there’s no assembly required – just charge the batteries and fly. However, a closer Yuneec DJI comparison reveals that it takes much longer to get the Typhoon airborne due to the long time it takes to pair with the control unit and to lock its GPS.

Contrary to the Typhoon H unboxing experience, where after few flights you will find that you need to purchase additional accessories, the DJI Phantom 4 package is very rich. Some factors that differentiate the Yuneec DJI comparison are the carrying case, the battery, the remote control unit and, of course, the DJI GO app.

On a Yuneec DJI comparison, both models have a nice design in their own ways. Doing a Yuneec DJI comparison solely based on the looks of the drones is difficult. Some people love the rugged and aggressive look of the Yuneec Typhoon while a lot of people appreciate the clean, contemporary, elegant lines of the DJI Phantom 4.