With all of the core specifications being similar such as flight time, 4K camera, obstacle avoidance,what sets DJI Phantom 4 and Yuneec Typhoon H apart?

Currently the Phantom 4 wins because of its lower price (when you include the realsense module on the Yuneec Typhoon H). Although the obstacle avoidance system is not perfect (especially with small objects like smaller tree branches), the fact that it also allows for visual object tracking makes it easier to record professional looking videos with ease by keeping your subject in shot as you fly around (most of the time). However if you prefer to film yourself doing stuff from the drone, then the Yuneec Typhoon H follow me functionality is better when using the wizard wand as it still relies on GPS to track you.

The key feature of these two flagship drones of 2016 is the fact that they include object avoidance / anti collision technology. This is a game changer as it takes the safety factor of flying your drone to the next level. This means that when you are flying and your drone detects that it is approaching an obstacle in front of it like a person, tree, or a building, the autopilot will take over and stop your quadcopter, preventing a crash.

Both the Phantom 4 and Yuneec Typhoon H have the ability for obstacle avoidance to prevent you crashing. Assuming you upgrade to the realsense module on your Typhoon H, the performance should be similar as I don’t think the basic ultrasonic sensor will be very useful for smaller obstacles like poles. So what sets the two apart?

For starter the price, when you add the realsense module the overall unit price will be more than the Phantom 4. That said the key thing here is that because the typhoon as a 360 degree gimbal it means that for obstacle avoidance it’s much more useful. If you are flying your Phantom backwards, it’s got no way of detecting an obstacle. If flying the Typhoon you can fly it forwards to the realsense module will detect obstacle, but you can turn the camera gimbal to face backwards allowing you to look backwards without needing to worry about crashing into something.

So there you have it, I tried to keep things brief so you get the basic idea.Which do you prefer the Phantom 4 or Typhoon H and why? Or do you prefer neither?